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6 Advantages Of Corporate Video Production For Your Business

Corporate and business videos are regarded as a luxury in a company’s marketing strategy. But, not any longer. Whether you own a small company or work for a big organization, video production is an essential component of a successful marketing strategy.

Misconceptions regarding videos persist now as they did in the past.

  • Videos are exorbitantly priced
  • Difficult to produce
  • Complicated to get right
  • You won’t get much value out of it

The goal of this article is to dispel some of these myths. We’re here to help you understand the real value of video marketing and why you should think about using it for your company.

Videos Get a High Ranking on YouTube

Many people are surprised to learn that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. People are increasingly using video daily, resulting in the enormous popularity of YouTube.

A lot of people tend to search for facts on Google, but they prefer to search for how-to and educational videos on YouTube, which are in high demand.

Video is the Best Way to Obtain Content for Consumers

Video is a very simple and comfortable approach to convey information in a personal as well as high-impact manner. Consumers have adopted this method to get the information fully.

When watching a video, the information is absorbed far more quickly than when reading words on a page.

Another advantage is that this data is more memorable than words. As a result, customers are more likely to think about it than they are to read a page copy. To get the best out of video content, you can consider taking the help of professional video production services.

Video Production Services - Kim Brattain Media

Video is a great way to get a lot of information across in a short amount of time in a way that is both absorbable as well as palatable.

That means it’s very shareable, and social media is where most of the content is shared. After watching branded social media videos, 64% of consumers consider making a purchase. In addition, social video generates 12 times more shares as text and images combined.

This level of sharing results in a massive amount of exposure to a specific audience. On mobile, the video takes precedence over all else. If you’ve ever tried reading an article or webpage on a mobile device or smartphone, you know how difficult it can be.

On a mobile device, video is much easier to consume than content. With mobile devices accounting for 75% of all internet activity, this is a critical factor to consider. Mobile devices are ideal for short, compelling videos with educational or entertainment value.

Videos are Rewarded by Search Engines

Videos, as previously stated, are mostly educational. As a result, they are extremely valuable to customers. Search engines are constantly striving to provide the most useful results for their users’ searches, and video is frequently one of those valuable results.

This is why, when you search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, video often appears alongside standard SERP results. So, this has led to the increasing demand for video production in North Carolina.

Final Thoughts

So, it is evident from the above-mentioned section, video is extremely professional. It improves the company’s credibility. The best part is that it is easily shared by a target audience. Also, it tends to bring the largest audience into a company, generate trust, and generate sales or leads for these reasons.

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